MP Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said he would not contest the upcoming parliamentary election if there was no congenial political atmosphere in the country.

“I, as a civilian, will do some social service and will continue my profession,” he said.

Mr. Rajapakshe said he would only support a presidential candidate after considering his past records, political maturity, education and added that he should be able to uphold democracy and work for the betterment of his own country.

“The prospective candidate should have a programme to bring down the two million women employed in the Middle East as housemaids to Sri Lanka and support them develop their economy. And also he should have a programme to use the labour of two million youths employed as three-wheeler riders productively. He should guarantee to carry forward the policy of C.W.W. Kannangara,” he said.

When asked about the UNP presidential candidate, he said it was a waste of time to talk about it and said people had already rejected the UNP as a party which sells the country and divides it.

He told a news conference on Thursday that he was ready to face any disciplinary action taken by the UNP and that he was waiting for such a move by the party.

“The UNP has a right to take disciplinary action and we also have a right to go to court. They have to do that with the party constitution prepared by me and Thilak Marapana.,” he said.


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